Guide to Window dressings and Blinds

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Guide to Window dressings and Blinds, by Denville Designs

We all look forward to the summer but the increase in hours and daylight can cause problems for some households with the strong sun light , so I have put some ideas together to help you choose the most practical and stylish window design for your home as there is so much choice.
Window decorating ideas can produce a great visual effect and can change the way your room looks and feels so it’s important to choose carefully and with professional help and advice you won’t go wrong , it’s not cheap dressing windows if done correctly they can last for more than 10 years .
Shear curtain fabrics , light voiles the most popular in our climate ,used to disperse sunlight keeping the room cool and adding a romantic and chic feel to the room , with such a large selection of prints now on the market you may not even need any other than these at your window
When needed they can marry up with matching curtains to make your home cosy and help keep the warmth in winter ,all you need is a double pole to allow you the choice of hanging both drapes .
Bold or not bold very big decision when choosing your curtain fabric this may take time if you are not sure keep the bold patterns for cushions on your sofas or chairs and wallpapers as these are more cost affective to change later on when you get tired of the pattern

Once you have decided on your fabric be it a voile or a bold fabric you will need to think of different headings for your curtains eyelets ( chrome rings ) or pinch pleats like in the pictures this is what will finish off the final design with a matching pole or track

You will also be asked if you would like your curtains lined or blackout lined .
This is very important especially with the strong sunlight ,Lining or blackout lining in the curtains will protect the fabric ,avoiding the main curtain fabric from rotting ,at the same time keeping the light out creating a luxious look to the curtain

If curtains are really not for you , on the market of window treatments is the roman blind , smart looking fabric blinds that fold into panels easy to use ,very stylish to look at and a personal favorite of mine when used in the right place they can make a room look bigger de clutter the floor space and this can work well with modern contemporary and traditional designs they can also be dressed up with trimmings and pelmet boxes

Finally I come to blinds , wooden , roller and vertical , well this is a subject all by itself .
All blind manufactures have come so far now that they offer blackout in many colours and deigns that shut out all aspects of sunlight , you can also get vertical blinds in all materials wood , fabric , leather ‘ the vertical system is easy to keep clean.

Most popular for the office envoirment , but being used more and more in private homes .
If I had to be honest, for me the wooden blind is the most superior of the blind family especially if married with a smart contrast tape to finish it off .

Finally I have to mention the high tec trends ! Technology plays such a huge role in our lives ,but yet we yearn for simplicity . Window blinds and curtains tracks can now be controlled via remote control or simple switch and even the Internet !

At Denvilles we specialize in window dressings and designs , we can advise you on the best decorating ideas for your windows that will help you create a unique window treatment and enrich you with exciting and interesting themes and styles.