Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

In┬áthese terms and conditions “The Company” means Denville Designs.

The customer means the person or organisation making the purchase

2. Payment

No online orders will be processed until the customer has paid in full.

No shop bought products will be processed until the customer has paid a 50% deposit and will not be delivered or collected until the full balance payment is received.

In cases of complete house packs or curtain projects the customer will adhere to interim payments as invoiced by the company.

Any extension of time to pay shall not be effective unless agreed in writing by the Company. Amounts may not be withheld or delayed by the Customer for unauthorized returns or otherwise written agreement of the Company.

All costs incurred in recovering overdue debts, including without limitation,legal expenses will be payable by the Customer.

3. Property and Risk

Title to any Goods supplied at any time to the Customer by the Company shall not pass to the customer, notwithstanding delivery of any Goods or any documents representing them,until payment in full for any and all such Goods supplied and all other amounts on any account whatsoever due from the Customer to the Company has been made in full by the Customer.

The Company shall be entitled at any time before the passing of property under clause 3a) above, to enter upon the Customer’s premises (or any other premises where the goods are kept) for the purpose of removing them.

4. Company’s Liability

The Company does not make or give any warranty, representation or undertaking as to the quality of the Goods,other than the fit for purpose description issued by the manufacturer.

The Company can not be liable for any delays in shipment.

At the time of delivery the Goods must be inspected by or on behalf of the Customer at the time of delivery., or if the Goods are not so inspected, immediately upon inspection after delivery and be confirmed to the Company within 5 days of delivery in writing.

The Company will be responsible to make good any shortages to the order or repair any damage incurred by shipment to the client’s satisfaction.

5. Privacy Policy

Your Registration Data and certain other information that you provide to us are subject to our Privacy Policy. Please see the Privacy Policy page for details.

6. Delivery

Please see the Delivery Info page for further information.

7. Cooling off Period

If you are unhappy with your goods, you may return them if in original condition, at your expense, to us within 7 days of receipt of them. You should email us at info@denvilledesigns.com to advise us.